• app "Yeico Salud"

    An App that follows the weight and height of children and adults in a very easy and friendly way. The app calculate the Body Mass Index. It helps you to have a tracking log based on the periodic input of this information.

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  • app "letter on the fly"

    This is an application whose goal is to be a tool that facilitates the creation of documents such as minutes, presentation letters, bulletins, checklists and letterhead. Its main features include the creation of templates for future use and the existence of three different interfaces or skins –black and brown leather, and hi-tech.

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  • cuco & guille magazine app

    This application for the iPad and iPhone is magazine type, that is, it’s an interactive digital magazine. The magazine exists in its printed version and also in its digital version, which features multimedia contents such as videos, sounds, animations, etc.

    Cuco & Guille Magazine is a bi-monthly publication focused on delivering the information that the selected clientele of Cuco & Guille beauty parlors requires in beauty, fashion, life style, articles, interests, travel, etc.

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  • Apps Real EState

    Mobile application especially designed for real estate agents as a practical, efficient tool for managing their business. This in an application that allows managing real estate through a catalog that classifies different types, groups, features, etc. It’s an application that allows the agent present, publish and print his/her real estate portfolio as a powerful commercial tool and an easy way to manage the inventory.

    By means of templates, the user can enter, modify and eliminate products without the need to have a computing or programming background.

    Enterprise application that is marketed for real estate agencies or independent agents, customized to their corporate image and business rules.

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