With algorithms tested in the field of property and a holistic approach to the design, deployment and service, NICE offers video analytics that can transform your organization from reactive security monitoring to proactive prevention. NICE has an ample experience in the implementation of video analytics in some of the most secure parameters in the world. Maximize your video-surveillance solution capabilities with NICE Systems.

NICE’s consultants apply their ample experience in the field to maximize the value that the customers get from all the video analytics implementation stages.

In the pre-sale stage, they verify the validity of video analytics for your site. When it comes to implementation and adaptation, NICE´s experts orchestrate the system to meet your specific environment needs, continuous surveillance and the improvement of processes running.

With leading-edge technology capabilities and expert consultancy services to help implement and operate them, NICE’s video analytics offers a deep view of the incidences that elevates a simple inspection to a proactive security.