Software solutions and services for the strategic management of the human capital.

These solutions and services increase performance and productivity in the organizations, thus aligning the employees’ goals to the company’s strategy in terms of developing and managing the labor force, thus improving collaboration.

Training and Development

  • Transforming the labor force to outstand in a constantly changing market.
  • Accelerating innovation by accessing the company’s collective knowledge.
  • Optimizing the process of incorporating new employees.
  • Developing and taking advantage of the collective knowledge from all the employees.
  • Improving the employees’ performance, even that of the top-performing staff.
  • Raising your growth rate.

  • Online Collaboration

    Through this solution, we deliver videoconferences on the Web and also an innovative business social network on a Cloud-based Unified Platform, which is an excellent tool to drive social collaboration in real time.

    With HD capabilities, high-quality IP Voice and multiple simultaneous video streaming optimized to be used with a broadband connection, you can hold very productive meetings live, and also have interactive classrooms and profitable Webinars that produce additional revenue.

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