Architecture, development and integration of systems and applications by means of a group of expert engineers in different platforms, languages, operating systems and databases; our team has the qualifications issued by certificating entities. Apps and Devices is mainly focused on the development of applications for the cloud that allow your company an easy adoption and higher productivity without needing to invest in licenses and incur hardware ownership costs, thus avoiding obsolescence and procuring service with an availability of up to 99.98%.

Platforms and Applications

  • Mobile devices (Blackberry, Android, iOS Apple, Windows Phone).

  • Web developments (collaboration and/or communication, portals and Websites, intranets and extranets, among others).

  • Middleware (Web servers, application servers, content management systems, architectures targeted to Web services, Websphere, SAP PI, CICS, TUXEDO, among others).

  • As well as: Enterprise App, Host Environment, Open Source, BI, BO, Client-Server, CRM, ERPs, etc.
  • We develop scalable IT solutions. This way, the evolution towards an improvement or increase of functionalities or towards other solutions is complementary and transparent. In addition, we generate project proposals that take the most advantage of its functionality, supporting your business’ vital operations, thus getting an immediate return on your investment (ROI).

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